Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where would you want to wake up?

Thanks to Design Mom, I came across this awesome video of 50 New Yorkers answering the question "where would they want to wake up tomorrow?"

I found it so poignant and clever. If I could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, I'd wake up on my wedding day in New Orleans, LA. To be surrounded again by all our friends and family for such a celebratory, raucous, blissful and altogether wonderful event would be perfect. I think I'd enjoy it even more the second time around, if that's possible. I know my special date, Mr. Monk, would L-O-V-E the beignets!

Weddings are really the only time in your life where you get to see your mom's cousin talking to your fiance's best friend from elementary school and everyone couldn't be happier. I wish we could somehow manage to get all those people in the same room again (and not be at a funeral).

I'm so glad to have found this video as I am now awash with all these feel good memories. Are you?

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