Thursday, October 13, 2011

Something's Gotta Give

This morning I took Mr. Monk for a blood test to celebrate his impending first birthday. We moms know how to party! Apparently, the doctor needs some stats so along came the needle. I was expecting some serious drama based on the little's recent theatrics (he's gone shrieking!) but, to my complete surprise, he did not make a peep! He stared at the nurse as she withdrew the blood with utter fascination. That boy filled up three vials and never even blinked. I'm thinking he's definitely going to be a doctor. Or a vampire.

As for his recent discovery that he can shatter glass with his voice, well, that's causing all sorts of reactions. We've tried the ignore it and pretend it's not happening response. That led to the "you're hurting our ears so please stop screaming" pleading. Then we went the screaming back route. Kidding. Sort of. This lovely phase started a few days ago. We're expecting it to pass in a few years.

At least when he's not screaming, he's doing lots of this:

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  1. LOL sounds like you have a very strong boy there. I cringe at the sight of needles to this day.