Friday, October 14, 2011


Sometimes my dog is just about the sweetest little beast. All he really wants in life is cheese and a belly rub. The same could be said of many of my friends. He is so gentle with Mr. Monk, who is not so gentle in return (we're working on the tail grabbing).

This is probably my favorite pic ever of our Tony pony, taken a couple of years back in Tahoe. That boy LOVES to snow dive. Just seeing it makes me excited for winter, though the 80 degree temps right now are pretty, pretty, pretty good. We're going swimming this afternoon! Hello, summer in SF.

Although our pup was not adopted (blame my husband and his insistence on a Portie), I am completely in awe of the work done by the ASPCA. I am hoping Mr. Monk wants to volunteer there with me someday. For the hell of it, just for the yell I get, I made a small donation this evening to the SFSPCA and learned that "[my] support will help save and protect the thousands of injured and homeless animals we care for every year." You can help too!

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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