Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slip, slide, swoop

Some nights I look over at my husband (legitimately) working away on his laptop for hours and then down at my own mac-filled lap and can't help but laugh. When did this happen? I suppose when you don't work in an office staring at a computer for 8 hours a day you still crave all the information that is out there, just a few clickety clacks away. Lately, I find myself opening my computer as soon as Mr. Monk falls asleep and only closing it a few minutes before I do. I wish I had a porch swing. If I did maybe my computer and the internets would hold less appeal. Or maybe that would mean that I'd be baking more and listening to crickets. I do love to bake. And, I'm getting better at it. Here are three recent desserts I made. They tasted pretty tasty.

This whole baby turning toddler thing is throwing me. He can understand things, people. The cursing? It has got to stop. Damn, there goes my definite potty mouth. While it's cute the first time a kid says "shit," it probably veers on the trashy by the thirtieth. Man, I'm going to miss living in our adults-only conversations. But I do look forward to hearing some of the ridiculous things that are going on in his little towhead. Something tells me there will be lots of laughing in our future.

Lo, the time has come for a photography class. We have this fancypants camera that we just pretend is a point and shoot. What's the point of all those options if you're never going to use them? Of course, neither Mr. Schneed nor I know what any of the symbols mean, let alone how to employ them properly. The greatest thing about discovering the blog world is seeing all these amazing photographers. I bet they know how to change the aperture settings. That's my new goal. That and more yoga. Or, even some yoga.

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  1. That sounds just like me. As soon as my son goes to sleep, I open my laptop. The cookies look so yummy!