Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off to the festy

This afternoon my little family and I are headed out to meet some friends at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park. This is my fourth year attending the three-day music festival featuring bluegrass musicians and many, many others (hence the name). Years ago, I spent some time as the girlfriend of bluegrass-obsessed guitarist. When he formed an amateur band, I became the number one groupie (of two), so I'll always have a fondness for the twangy sounds of the banjo and mandolin.

2011 marks the 10th year of the festival and it only seems to be getting bigger and better. People, it's FREE!! As in, no need to pay anything at all to see amazingly talented musicians play outside in a spectacular venue all for the sake of pure fun. I can honestly think of no better way to enjoy the day. I'm most looking forward to seeing Gomez and Emylou Harris-too bad they are playing at the same time on stages across the park. Alas.

The festival was started by an investment banking billionaire as a "gift to the city." There's today's good! I wonder how I can get on the guy's Christmas list.

Getting ready for his audition with Mumford & Sons

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