Friday, October 7, 2011

Increase The Odds

Yesterday, after getting my massage, my husband met me and we snuck off to a movie. In the middle of the day! Can you imagine anything more decadent?

A few weeks ago I was at a dinner party with a bunch of mommy friends and one about-to-be-a-mommy friend. The preggo lady asked if any of us had any advice for her in her last few weeks with an inside baby. We all replied in unison, "Movies! Go see movies!" I used to love going to the movies and it seems to be the one thing that I can't make time for anymore. It doesn't quite seem special enough an outing to warrant a babysitter or playing my mental health time card with the husband. Anyhoo, yesterday we managed to pull off a matinee showing of 50/50 and I was 100% thrilled. Until the movie started, that is.

While it was thoroughly engaging and often funny (Anna Kendrick's comedic timing amazes), it was also a raw, sad film. Watching a young man deal with a potentially terminal cancer diagnosis was painful, especially when a family friend is currently in the very same position. My father died a viscous death from liver cancer nine years ago and I suddenly felt a fresh wave of grief. Knowing how the movie ends (spoiler alert: it's a true story based on the screenwriter's life) certainly kept me from losing it completely. I feel like I've been getting far too many life is precious reminders lately. Must make time for things I enjoy, like going to movies. Even the sad ones.

Fuck cancer. Here are three of the easiest ways I can think of to do just that:

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  1. gosh i would love a good massage now . Very tired. Anyway, a good weekend to you :)

  2. Love your post mama and you got that right F*** cancer I lost my mother 2 1/2 yrs from this POS disease. Great post I see movie in our future

  3. You have a beautiful baby!

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    Please follow back when you can.!/GrandmaReviews

  4. Watching movies is something I always long for these days, too! I almost watched that yesterday with my sister, but we were hesitant. I also have a someone close to me dying with cancer and my dad passed away from a sickness 9 years ago. We watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes instead.

  5. SK--I hope you got that massage and relaxed a bit this weekend!

    MB--I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's really startling to see how many people are affected by this awful disease. Definitely a movie date is in order.

    R--Thank you!

    L--I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and your loved one. I'll think some good thoughts for you. Hope you get to the movies again soon-but maybe hold off on 50/50.