Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How is it possible?

  • That I sang along, in the car at full volume, to songs by the Indigo Girls, Randy Newman and Colby Caillat? I am embarrassed for myself. Damn you, Coffee House channel.
  • That I ate no less than four cupcakes today. They were minis. But still.
  • That I got lost in Target today for a good ten minutes. Fluorescent lighting confuses me.
  • That almost every video we take of Mr. Monk these days features at least one fall. Better get the band aids ready.
  • That right when I start having second thoughts about ending my career as a milk supplier, the goods up and all but disappear on their own. The body works in (not so) mysterious ways.
  • That doing one tiny something nice for someone else is so much more thrilling than doing nearly anything for myself.
  • That despite spending at least an hour every day cleaning my house, the floor still looks (and feels) crunchy. Perhaps I should just stop going barefoot.
  • That my 96-year-old grandmother went to her stretch and flex class today, but thinks she might be a little too tired for her silver sneakers class tomorrow. Maybe next week, Gramma!
  • That one year ago today I gave birth to a beautiful, curious, eager, sweet, innovative, happy, hilarious and impossibly strong little monkey. More to come when I can fully process this information.
  • That my big boy had a virtual birthday party with both of his grammas, one of his aunts and his baby cousin who all live 3,000 miles away. Technology is supremely awesome.


  1. Oooh, the pictures! :) He is SUCH a handsome little stud! :) Happy birthday to him and congratulations to you and the Mr.!

  2. Awww I like this post so much I'm actually taking the time to hunt and peck out this comment cause my other hand is holding a dill pickle.
    Happy birthday to your little monkey and just for the record...there's nothing wrong with belting it out to Colbie Callait.

    Kind of.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Life with a toddler is fun and LOUD! Getting ready for the partay this weekend--sangria will be served in large quantities.

  4. Hey its okay if you ate four cupcakes..they were minis so I doesn't fully count ;) Your son is ADORABLE!!

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday to little man! LOL, I would've eaten more than 4 mini cupcakes too!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your little monkey!