Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book It Real Good

When I was a kid, I used to love going to the library. I've always been a big reader and I was so excited by the existence of a whole building devoted to books. Why yes, I was a total nerd. I borrowed books all the time and would challenge myself to see how quickly I could finish them. My parents weren't that strict about television and I distinctly remember heading off to read most nights once I'd had my fill of my favorite shows, Family Ties, Facts of Life, The Cosby Show and...I watched a lot of TV, but I read even more. Judy Blume was my therapist. She taught me how to wrap my head around a best friend breakup, my parents' divorce and the idea of sex (I still blush thinking about "Forever.")

Now that I have a kindle, I hardly ever borrow books from the library-though maybe I should use the Google to see if there is a digital loaner program? There is! Best. Day. Ever.

I'm trying to cultivate a love of reading in Mr. Monk. Mostly, he just finds books to be the perfect size for throwing and chewing. One of our favorite activities is the storytime at the local library. We went this morning and the babe loves hearing the rhymes and playing with all the books. He tends to pick up the same ones that we read over and over at home, so I know something is getting through (even if it's just the color of the cover).

These storytelling playgroups are divided by age groups and FREE! It's so fun to see all the different babies with their mamas, nannies, grammas, cousins, and the occasional confused older teenage brother. Check out your local library for the kids' schedule.

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  1. thanks for the information.

    LOL...I grew uo with the Cosby show, Family ties and cheers too