Thursday, July 28, 2011

What ice cream?


This ice cream is so good. Cannot. Stop. Eating. I've somehow confused the relative properties of food poisoning and decided I should eat Mr. Schneed's portion as well as my own since he's still ixnay on oodfay. Unfortunately, he's been illin all day today too. Food poisoning is one crazy ride. The one and only time I ever experienced it was when I was 17 and spending my last semester of high school in Israel. I left my program for the weekend and was visiting the home of the friend of a cousin of a family friend. Or some absurd nonconnection like that. Basically, I hardly knew these people but I defiled their bathroom for all the wee hours of the morning. I remember waking up the next morning and wanting so desperately to do the walk of shame home but I was literally in the middle of the desert. The lady of the house offered me some coffee and I threw up in her sink. Never saw her again. I am fairly certain that memory has remained repressed till just this moment.

Fast forward another lifetime and Mr. Monk and I learned more than we ever wanted to know about daddy sights and sounds over the past 48 hours. I started looking up the symptoms of E. coli bacterial poisoning and freaked us all out. Our soap dispenser has never seen so much action. I had to go to work and was terrified that he would pass out from dehydration. But, he's acting less zombie-like tonight, so I think the tide has turned. Hooray.

Though I'm just realizing that him getting better means we may have to start Insanity again. I have been abstaining for the past few days in solidarity. How could I go and get ripped without him? Damn you, three twins.

In other news, Mr. Monk has decided that he likes the sound of his voice. A lot. LIKE SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS ALL DAY LONG A LOT. Fun. How long does this phase last? Well hello, boyhood.


  1. Whoa small world. To add to our life coincidences (lawyer, ex-NYer, Bay Area, foodie), I also have a dog! Mine is an Australian Labradoodle, but she gets mistaken for a Portie all the time.

    Three twins ice cream is incredible though, right? Almost worth leaving NY for...

  2. Nice. Tony gets called a labradoodle (or poodle) every week. That ice cream is so yummy. I prefer it to Bi Rite, which is saying a lot.

  3. Three twins? I'll have to look into that. From my experience, the male gender don't ever seem to get tired of listening to the sound of their own voice. Sorry, don't think it's a phase. ;)