Monday, August 1, 2011

Gin and juice

On my good pal Marcie's reco, the Mr. and I watched this movie the other night. It tells the story of a man who discovered the power of juicing and lost about 90 pounds and one skin disorder along the way. Basically, this Australian dude travels around the US professing the benefits of a juice fast, drinking only 3 vegetable and fruit juices a day for either a 10 day reboot or 60 day life-changer.

We're big smoothie makers but were intrigued by the whole juicing method of getting at the micronutrients more efficiently because all the fiber is excluded. And, you don't have to peel anything! While we do eat a lot of vegetables, juicing is one way to get many, many servings in at once and just drink your way to good health. Or so the movie and the now buff and thin Aussie says.

The day after watching the film we went to the Marin farmer's market, which offers up some serious produce porn (very expensive, organic porn).

And the flowers were two for one!

Guess who loved the market most of all?

On our way back into the city from Marin, Mr. Schneed got all kinds of excited and wanted to stop and pick up a juicer at the local BBB. Between this and Insanity, I think I need to keep my husband away from infomercials. I guess he was feeling inspired by the movie and the absurd amounts of kale we just purchased. Surprisingly, the store had no juicers in stock and neither did any of the other stores that we visited yesterday. The juicer quest was on! Who knew there was such a run on these machines? Is everyone juicing?

Mr. Schneed found one this evening. Our life as juiceheads has begun. We'll see how many times we use it before it somehow finds its way into our cabinet with the rest of the abandoned appliances (anyone want a waffle maker?) Cheers!


  1. This juicing sounds interesting? Do you have any links or anything for me to read up more on it? What exactly is it? Do you just buy regular veggies or fruits and put them in the blender. I'm confused but intrigued. I really want to try it!

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    In our sea of love

  2. Hey, thanks for reading! I'm definitely no expert on this topic after my two days of juicing :-)

    You can check out the film website,, which has a lot of info. Also, there are a few interesting articles on this site, The whole deal with juicing as opposed to using a blender is that only the nutrient-dense parts of the fruits/veggies come through in the liquid so they get absorbed right away. You can drink large quantities of veggies and fruits in juice form, way more than you could eat at once. If you use a blender, all the fiber and other solids go into the drink-making it thicker and a little harder to digest.

    The major downside is that the juicer is kind of pricey, so maybe check out a local juice bar (if there's one nearby) to see if you're into it.

  3. My Mom totally got into it recently and keeps trying to pawn off her green sludgy concoctions on me. I hope yours turn out a little more appetizing.

  4. I've been interesting in juicing recently too, but haven't bought a juicer yet. I hope you like yours!

    I was at the Marin Farmers Market this weekend too, and I remember that tiny chair at the stand with the peas. haha.