Monday, July 18, 2011

But sleep is so nice

This article was both inspiring and terrifying to me. How driven this woman must be to spend 60 hours swimming. 60 hours! I wouldn't want to swim for 60 minutes. *Shudder* I can't stop thinking about her swimming instead of sleeping. Good for her. And, if she's middle aged at 61, then I'm basically a teenager.

I found a check in my wallet this morning from a class action suit settlement that apparently became void 90 days after it was issued. Too bad it was issued in December and it's been over 180 days since then. Awesome. Do you think if I called the law firm and told them that I gained one baby and lost one mind in October they might feel bad enough to issue another check? Nothing like discovering that you burned money. I almost wish I had never found it again. At least that way I would never have remembered that I forgot about it. But, I did manage to spend less than $100 on my trip to Whole Foods today, so score.

I've been on a big decluttering kick lately and it feels so good. Mr. Monk and I took a big trip to the post office today and mailed a big box of big boy clothes to his (smaller) baby cousin in New York. Knowing that the clothes have a definite second life in my sister's home justifies any and all clothing purchases (and makes me feel better about some of those gifts that we completely missed-babies grow fast, y'all!) It's a good thing you can't get too wild with the baby boy clothes, though I've tried. I can't wait to see my nephew in some of Mr. Monk's finest.

One of my friends who is due in October (a great month for a birthday!) came over the other day to check out some of the gear that we no longer need. She's taking most of the gaudy plastic structures, including the exersaucer and two (yes, two) swings. Hooray! She'll give 'em back when her wee one is done, but at least I get to enjoy the extra real estate until we start this crazy process all over again with the next one.

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