Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I am thankful for right now

★ My baby's eyelashes are far longer than mine. At least he won't need to wear mascara.

★ The opportunity to work part-time and use my brain in a different way. This temporary posting for my previous job is a great segue for me to figure out what's next professionally. And I get to wear fancy clothes again.

★ Each and every day my husband finds some way to make me feel special, like bringing me a yummy muffin this morning. Bran, but still. Even after being together for five years next month, we still are discovering new (and mostly good) things about each other.

★ While I don't totally love my new bangs, I don't totally hate them either.

★ Mr. Monk squealed with delight at today's playgroup. Apparently, three weeks of not seeing his friends was not cool with the bossman.

★ We only have four weeks of Insanity left! Somehow that doesn't sound nearly as frightening as 60 days. If we hadn't missed a few days here and there we'd be only two weeks away. Alas.

★ My teeth feel incredibly smooth and clean after being tortured at the dentist this morning. And, I had no cavities and only one or two areas of gum recession (what??).

★ I've made it almost 9 months out of my 1 year commitment to breast feeding! Though I know I will miss the special bond nursing brings...

★ ...I've only got three more months to go out of my 1 year commitment to breast feed!

★ As a Portuguese Water Dog, our pup, Tony, doesn't shed. He has to get his hair did at a proper dog salon. When he came back today from his day of pampering (and anal gland squeezing, eek), he smelled so fresh and clean. I'm going to enjoy it all I can before tomorrow morning's visit to the park for butt sniffing, dirt rolling and general doggie debauchery.


  1. Hi i am a new follower from the blog hop
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and hope you may come visit me in the uk anytime