Friday, July 8, 2011

Home sweet home

When we got home from our east coast family tour, I found this lovely note on my car:

Your Car Has Been parked here for over a week - Park in front of your own House not here - There is a city ordinance that requires Vehicles to Be moved every 72 Hours more than 100 feet - Otherwise they are deemed abandoned - next time we'll call DPT and have you towed!

So much for community spirit! I live in an area with alternate side of the street parking, so this was the only block where I could park without getting a ticket based on the dates of my trip (and the holiday). I wasn't aware of this city ordinance probably because I never pissed off a neighbor when I've done this previously. You can tell how fired up she must have been based on the random upper/lower case transitions. Ruh roh.

My mailman told me today that the woman, who is perfectly able-bodied, at least physically, complained to him every day about the car. Thankfully, he recognized the car and told her that it belongs to someone in the hood so she didn't actually call the cops to have it removed (can you imagine coming home to that?).

I just keep thinking how unhappy and lazy must this person be that she is so upset to not get the parking spot right in front of her house (and driveway, and garage). The horror of having to walk those extra few feet. People regularly park their cars in front of my house for days on end moving them only for the street cleaning hours. I almost never get to park in the spot in front of my house. Woe is me! While I may mutter under my breath once in a while when carrying my baby and my groceries, it's never occurred to me to leave a note let alone call the po po. Of course, I am evil by SF standards because my husband and I dare to have more than one car. Is it bad that I want to start parking in front of this lady's house on a regular basis?

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