Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These are the days

Why do we always want babies to grow up as fast as possible? Once they roll over, we wonder when they will sit up. Once they sit up, we wonder when they will crawl. Once they crawl, we wonder when they will walk. Once they babble, we wonder when they will talk. Once they talk, we wonder when they will shut up.

They are only this tiny for a short time and everyone seems hell bent on rushing it right on by as quickly as possible. I want to freeze every swing ride, every wobbly stand, every hysterical laugh. And yet as much as I try to live in the moment, I too am guilty of wanting to see the next thing...what electronic item will he suck on today? What sound will he scream (and scream and scream)? What food will he spit all over me as he decides that he should be the one to feed himself with the spoon thankyouverymuch? Every new thing just seems so exciting that I forget to spend some time relishing the little person he is right now.

Yesterday when I was talking to my mom and worrying about mom-like things I read about on google (the best and worst thing to happen to parenting), she told me to just calm the hell down already and enjoy the baby ride. Mother does know best after all. So we'll just be here, savoring this.

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