Monday, June 6, 2011

Where did I put that bubble?

You know when you're in a restaurant and you see a mom come in and immediately move all the silverware and dishes away from a child's go go gadget arms? Well, we've reached that stage. In fact, we've probably been there for a while but I wasn't paying attention until recently. In the past week, I haven't been quick enough with my preemptive measures and Mr. Monk has knocked over three glasses of water and just this morning, a cup of coffee. At least I know for sure he's my son. Good times!

Maybe it's time to think about baby proofing after all. I've been waiting until the babe was actually crawling, though I'm now realizing that it might be best to have protections in place before he can get himself over to the top of the stairs. Somehow I just know that will be the first place he goes to explore. My mother now starts every conversation with "did you get the gates?" I win at procrastination.

A few months ago my mother-in-law gave me an article from the NYT about how dangerous coffee tables are. The article profiled numerous children who had been hurt by the evil piece and recommended that any home with children should be a home without a coffee table. I do admit the thought of Mr. Monk bumping his head on ours scares me, but not as much as not having anywhere to put our magazines, computers, phones, drinks, food, feet.

I decided to go with a friend's recommendation and have a consultant come to our house to tell us what a death trap it really is. I have a feeling this guy will be horrified at our steep stairs, open floor-level shelves containing every shape of glass known to man, bar stools serving as Mr. Monk's favorite thing to use for standing support, the aforementioned coffee table, exposed wiring and so forth. It might be easier to just move.

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