Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watermelon is key

There is a major east coast summer storm raging outside right now. Thunder! Lightning! We just don't get this on the west coast. The rain we get, but not with all the fun accoutrements. Of course, if the power goes out while I'm typing this I may not be quite so appreciative. We're in upstate New York, near where I grew up. Though I lived in NYC for many years before moving to San Francisco, I am torn as to which area I miss more (at least in the summer). I guess I am just a country mouse at heart--I love walking around the general stores in these tiny towns, checking out the one fancy home goods shop and eating the local pie maker's fare. Life is slower and quieter around these parts and it's nice to just let time elapse. We're playing board games, cooking dinners and having face to face conversations instead of electronic ones. Mr. Monk is trying new fruits and crawling on grass. None of us could be happier.

We also got to introduce Mr. Monk to his adorable new baby cousin this trip. He was born the last time we were in NY, but for some reason hospitals don't allow 6-month-olds into birthing rooms. You and your rules, hospitals. It was so incredibly sweet to see my son with my sister's. Mr. Monk thought he was the greatest toy ever! He kept batting at the baby and trying to launch off of him. Thankfully, the littlest one was nonplussed though he didn't much seem to enjoy the old finger in the eye trick. I can't wait to see them together in a couple of years. Something tells me we're going to need a bigger bubble.

This is our third stop in five days, which included visiting another cutey baby boy cousin, attending a wedding and many, many car rides (and an alarming number of u-turns). Thankfully, Mr. Monk has been sleeping well on so far, though he seems a little too excited for two-nap days. I mean, who wants to sleep when there are Grammies to play with and coffee tables to climb on? Tomorrow we head to the big City to see a mighty number of friends and family. Mr. Monk takes Manhattan!

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