Monday, June 20, 2011

When the cat's away...

First trip without the babe was a success! Granted, the baby daddy was here with him the whole time so I knew he was in good hands. What I didn't know is how easy it would be for both boys. I figured I'd come back on Sunday afternoon to a mess of a house, an exhausted dad and a baby clamoring for his mama. Only one of those actually came true and that's only because the dog decided that 5 am was a good time to start campaigning for a walk. Mr. Monk was an angel baby all weekend. The little traitor! I was secretly sort of hoping that he would be just a tad difficult to show my husband what I do all day. But, mostly I am glad that things worked out so well. That way, I can plan a monthly girls trip...hah, if only.

It was, in a word, awesome to be surrounded by adults for the whole weekend. There was little to no baby talk given that none of the other women had children. The lone pregnant woman seemed happy to ditch the pregnancy chatter for the weekend too. Highlights from the weekend included an intense discussion of whether having sex for three hours is technically possible (or pleasurable), a two hour long hike (walk) along the gorgeous northern California coastline, collaboratively cooking and eating a taco feast that featured no less than ten distinct dishes and nearly as many libations. And, of course, sleeping in until 8 and then GOING BACK TO SLEEP!

As much fun as it was bacheloretting it up, I did miss my family. Thankfully, Mr. Schneed sent me continuous pictures videos and texts detailing their adventures. Seriously, he took him out no less than four times on Saturday?! Some days I am happy if I manage to change both of us out of our pajamas. When I got home, we celebrated father's day by waiting for an hour and a half for pizza. Why no, I am not kidding. That's what the weekend's greatest dad wanted and that's what he got.

Two other random things I learned this weekend:

1. There are zebras in Mendocino (and sometimes giraffes).
2. Grilled leeks are quite possibly the most delicious thing ever.

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