Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spinach, apricot and yogurt

That's what I fed my baby for lunch. Sounds deelish, no? At first I started giving them to him separately, but then I figured I might as well up and whip 'em together. The baby food companies offer combinations that look and smell like vomit--beef, sweet potato and apple sauce; spinach, peas and pear. Why not just make some of my own and call it artisanal baby food? The more revolting it is to me, the more he seems to like it. Of course, we live in a city where one can buy a bacon maple apple donut or a prosciutto ice cream cone, so this is just training his palate for future culinary adventures. Tonight's dinner is chicken and watermelon mash. Just kidding, it's chicken and pears. Yum.

Feeding solids has been equally the most satisfying and frustrating part of parenting so far. I'll spend an hour making something that he'll eat one bite of (see picture of beets above, taken pre-revolt), but then he'll eat half an avocado straight off the pit. It is both interesting and annoying to see how Mr. Monk's taste differ from mine. I just assumed that he would love what I love and hate what I hate. Some foods, like the devil's sperm, mayonnaise, he is unlikely to have anytime soon because we won't allow them in our home. Actually, that is the only "food" non grata. Not coincidentally, I married a fellow mayo hater. I guess even if I'm not that not into a food, I should let him make up his own mind about it. A friend told me her pediatrician recommended giving her son a roasted lamb chop to suck on, so he gets the nutrients out without being able to swallow any chokeable pieces. Sounds like a prehistoric teething ring. Lamb is one of my least favorite meat treats, but maybe Mr. Monk will dig the lamb lollipop.

By the way, when did organic produce become a luxury item? Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and noticed that peaches were $4.99/lb. I knew that cherries were more expensive than gold, but peaches too? I spend a good portion of my non-income on produce. While I do think it's important to give Mr. Monk fresh, organic foods, this is getting ridiculous. It shouldn't be cheaper to buy processed baby foods than to make my own, which is what I'm finding. Time to start farming, or get a job at Whole Foods.

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