Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just curious

* Does my insanity workout still count if I eat three different types of fried food for dinner? At least one of them was a protein. I think.

* When does the self-preservation instinct kick in? I'm pretty sure Mr. Monk would eat a butcher knife at this point.

* Is my babysitter trying to make me feel bad when she tells me that the other baby she watches, who is only a month older than mine, is already saying words? Not babbling, intelligible words. I'm still impressed by the occasional babble.

* Why is shopping at bed, bath and beyond always such a frustrating experience? Every time I go in there I feel like I enter a common senseless zone and barely make it out alive.

* At what point will the baby's grabbing of the dog's tail cease being funny to me? I love watching him jump with fear and delight every time it smacks him in the face.

* How is it that I have a dishwasher yet I spend about half my day washing dishes? I swear those pump parts are multiplying in the sink.

* Will there ever be anything good on television again? Actually, I take that back as I just remembered True Blood returns in just over a week.

* Should I feel bad that I am more excited about the return of True Blood than I am about the wedding I am going to that same day? It is a Sunday, y'all.

* Can you imagine a more perfect summer toenail polish color than this? It makes me think of a pool all day long as I stare at my feet.

* Could the temperature possibly be over 70 degrees again tomorrow in San Francisco? Two day heat wave! Yes, over 70 in SF is considered a heat wave.

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