Monday, August 8, 2011

End of an era

You know it was a good wedding when you can hardly speak the next morning. When I was younger I used to love having a cold because I thought I sounded all sexy and hoarse like Demi Moore. In reality, it's more reminiscent of a frog. Then again, when I was really little I used to think it'd be cool to break my leg so I'd have to use crutches. This poor kid in my class, Howie, used to break at least one bone every year. Thinking of it now, I realize he probably had osteoporosis or some sort of bone disorder, but I was sooooo jealous of his casts and how he got to go down the stairs on his butt. Clearly, my issues go way back.

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend at our friends' farm chic wedding in northern California, surrounded by love, sunshine and hay rides! Mr. Monk loved being a part of the festivities. So much so that he started cheering during the ceremony. Heeeeeeyyyyy!!!! Eeeeeeeeehhh! Hiiiiiiiiiii! He just wanted to express his joy for the happy couple. Thankfully, we sat on the aisle and made a quick break for it. There were loads of other babies around, which helped ease the burden (and shift the blame).

Although we had a few "were we out of our damn minds for not getting a sitter?" moments, for the most part, he slept. He slept during the cocktail hour. He slept through the dinner. He slept through hours of outdoor music and his parents dancing their asses off until 2 am. He even slept in a bowling alley the night before the wedding! How redneck is that? We parked him in the arcade section and rolled on for hours. He never made a peep despite the blaring house music, laser lights, oh and the soothing sounds of 8-16 pound plastic balls smashing into wooden pins all night long. Our next kid won't sleep at all, right?

As always after a wedding or any celebratory weekend, I feel a little sad today. There is something so magical about seeing a whole slew of friends (or family) in one place where nothing else exists but the need to have fun and share the love. Mr. Schneed and I realized on our way home that this was our last wedding. For now. We have a few more single friends, but no pending engagements/weddings. We are officially olden. After five years of spending every spring-fall going to at least five weddings (one year as many as 12!), this is just downright depressing. Time to start planning some reunions.


  1. Great pictures, you look so pretty, love the red dress.

    And amazing that your babe slept though all that, the bowling alley outint as well ... lucky you!!

  2. I love your dress and little man's outfit. Glad you had a great time!

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  4. You're pictures are GREAT. I'm glad Mr. Monk cooperated so well. Love his tux onesie! :)

    I kind of look forward to the day when the weddings are more spread out, myself. However, my husband's old frat brothers won't let this happen. Some are slowly maturing and becoming married, but I think we'll be heading to some of their weddings throughout our 30s and 40s as well! ;)

    P.S. I was TOTALLY jealous of kids with crutches, too!

  5. I passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to you on my blog...hope you accept! :)

  6. Aww, thanks, ladies! The dress was new and super RED! The tux onesie may have to be retired now, but it was soooo cute.