Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fake it till you make it

New adventures in mommyhood this week:

Nursing my husband off the bathroom floor after a vicious battle with food poisoning, only to then have to contend with my snotty mess of a baby after he caught a bad cold. Thankfully, both boys are on the mend. Perfect time for me to get sick.

Trying to check for a fever anally and orally. Not sure which was more unpleasant for the little guy. I may have to stick with the armpit even though it's basically as accurate as guessing the temperature.

Feeding my baby yogurt melts after he started enjoying food again post-cold. His face lit up with delight upon tasting the yogurty goodness. Those space food disks are bizarro.

Seeing my baby vomit after eating one too many yogurt melts (or puffs, or chicken, or berries, or any of the way too many things my baby shoved into his mouth yesterday). For the record, spit up is nowhere near the same thing as vomit. The poor boy was definitely confused and scared. And five minutes later, he wanted to eat again.

Watching Mr. Monk's luckily very hard head hit the wooden floor more times than I can count as he tried to a) stand, b) reach for the dog, c) pet the dog and d) shield his face from the dog's licks all at the same time.

Realizing that as much as I clean it, the high chair is always going to look pretty used and abused.

Finding the cutest little baby tuxedo for baby's first wedding this weekend. Now, where to find a muzzle for the ceremony?

Appreciating the fact that Mr. Monk's favorite new toy to destroy actually comes fairly cheap.


  1. Ah, the toliet paper toy!!! They ceartinly love it!! What a gorgeous baby!! You poor thing having two sick "babies" on your hands!! Hope you feel better. I've have three kids and I have found that taking temps in the underarm is farily accurate. The mouth is pointless, the ear was always to complicated for me, in the beginning I did do the rectal, but it is so ucomfortable for baby and mommy, and you can get a pretty good guess with the underarm. Anyway, my 2 cents!! It was nice to find you on VoiceBoks, I look foward to reading more about your new mommy journey!

  2. Oh welcome to motherhood :)
    I understand you all the way. Having three children my self ages 17 (soon to be 18 ) 12 and 10. You sound like a very good mommy as well!
    Love the photo of your little on with the toilet paper! :)

    By the way , I am following you Via Voiceboks.Com if you get the chance please stop by and say HI :)


  3. BABY TUX! Cannot wait to see him in it!

  4. Aw, this is sweet. You can tell how much you love your boys. Great blog. Have lots of friends who lived in San Fran and now live in NYC. What is it with those two cities? I wouldn't be able to choose.

  5. Thanks, ladies! Kathy--I'm not sure I can attempt the rectal again for another couple of years. Eek! Kristen--love your blog too! Kate--just you wait :-) NYOA--it is SO hard to choose.

  6. Ah the memories - my kids are teenagers now but your post made me misty and kinda grossed me out at the same time. I'm joyfully following your blog. You can view mine at
    Take care momma.

  7. A well used and abused high chair simply means a well fed and loved baby sits there.

  8. Aww, hope he's feeling better soon. Vomit really does confuse them, doesn't it? So sad!

    My little one has to go "get fitted" (haha, I find that so funny) for a tux in a couple of weekends. He is going to be a ring bearer in October - I hope there's a big difference between a 26 month old and a 28 month old ;) Make sure to take pics of your dashing Mr. Monk!

  9. Wow you had a wild week! :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon! You are not kidding on vomit being totally different from spit up. They look so pitiful when it happens... I am a new follower from the weekend hop...
    hope you can stop by soon...

  10. VV-that's what I keep telling myself :-) Stephanie--it's more like a onesie tux, which I guess wouldn't work for your boy. I'm sure he'll be a star. BJJ--ugh, hopefully we're all done with the vomit for a while.

  11. Love your journal! OMG, the things you listed in this post would make me have a panic attack. :)