Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now I want a cosmo

My husband is out of town and I am already watching "Sex and the City" on demand. I'm like a caricature of a bored housewife. This episode I'm on is from the last season, with Aleksandr Petrovsky, Miranda's wedding and Samantha's breast cancer. Not my favorite season, but it'll do. And, Carrie's hair is pretty, wavy awesomeness. As I watch this, it has just occurred to me that I am now frighteningly close to the age of these characters, at least much more so than when I initially enjoyed the series almost ten years ago.

Back then, I was in my early twenties, living in Manhattan-Los Angeles-Manhattan, spending four to five nights a week in bars/lounges/clubs. In almost four years, I've been to less than five clubs in San Francisco. My, how the mighty have fallen. This show, unrealistic though it was (exactly what kind of writer buys those shoes and lives in that apartment?), always makes me miss New York. New York and brunch. Brunches that lasted hours, dissecting dates, careers, travel plans, families. I wish I had that time again to chat with my girlfriends, children, husbands and geographic distance be damned.

Incidentally, I actually met Sarah Jessica Parker when I was in college. Unbeknownst to me, I was babysitting for her niece and nephew and almost squealed with delight when she opened the door. She was as sweet as pie and teeny, tiny. That same night, the family's dog gave birth in their bath tub. I had to call the parents back for an emergency delivery. I helped to whelp!

Dun dun dunna...


  1. I have the DVDs and rewatch and rewatch all the time. :) I, too, am getting closer in age to when I initially started watching when I was 19! EEKS.

    How lucky are you to have dabbled in the lifestyle, though! Oh, and how COOL to have met SJP! I'm a midwestern girl with the farthest East I've been being Chicago...or I guess Florida? And West? Nebraska? Ha! Exciting stuff.

  2. Hah! I, too, have the DVDs and 1 movie (although, not so sad about not having seen the 2nd movie yet...)

    Living in a city + baby is not so glam. I mostly swear up and down when I can't catch a cab, I choke on bus exhaust and throw a bib over his face so he doesn't, and I can't afford childcare. Basically, I'm failing to be Miranda?

    However, I can still school most at brunch. You. must. brunch. It's the best meal of the week! And it's totally socially acceptable to bring along a baby. :)

  3. I was just watching that episode earlier, too!

  4. What a neat experience meeting Sarah Jessica Parker that way.. And then the dog had puppies in the tub the same night? wow!