Friday, November 4, 2011

Say cheese!

Twice in the last two weeks I have been tasked with creating the perfect cheese plate. One was for my baby's first birthday party--you know what cheese snobs those babies can be! The other served as a quick and easy appetizer for my book club.

I am pretty sure I could survive without most things in life, but cheese is one of my basic needs. Give me some Gruyere and some water and I'm good to go. For a seriously long time I wanted to go to Norway solely because it was the birthplace of Jarlsberg. Oh Jarlsberg, how I used to love you before I discovered the hard stuff. Farmer cheese was the only thing I craved while pregnant.

As much as I love it and try to learn more about the various kinds, I have a mental block preventing me from remembering the names of all the fabulous cheeses I taste. Perhaps there's an app for that? Because I can only remember a few names of the ones I know I like, I'm always a bit scared to be too adventurous with my purchases. They are also lately each closer to $10 than $5 for a sliver and I'd rather get a sure thing for the big bucks. I came across this today and I couldn't be more excited! Now I know how to experiment and liven up my offerings.

I'm also thinking about taking a ride up to Pt. Reyes for the Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Tour. What's an hour and a half drive in exchange for free cheese?

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