Sunday, November 13, 2011

Off and running

Last night we had a mini dinner party with 2 other couples and their four boys (five boys age 5 and under-check, please!). Mr. Monk loved being with the big boys. So much so that today he took his first step! Our little baby is becoming a man. Soon we'll need a lasso. Though, really, could he possibly get any faster than he is now? His crawl is like lightning. Blink and he's across the room and out the doggie door. He's less of a baby each and every day. Where is Evie Garland and her magic fingers when I need her?

While walking Tony when we got home after our testosterone-fueled dinner, he took off running and dragged me behind him up to the middle of a steep hill, in between two street lights. In the pitch black darkness, I turned around to give him privacy to do his business. I was minding some business of my own, texting and whatnot, when I started to notice some little bits of brown running toward me. The dog's poop had broken apart into about eight pieces and started rolling down the hill. Tootsie rolls of shit were flying everywhere. As it was the neighborly thing to do (and I was afraid of ruining my new boots on the walk home), I ran around with my little iphone flashlight trying to pick them all up. The fun never, ever ends.

Today we went to the last of our playgroup baby birthday parties. This one was a goodie--no less than three different kinds of baked goods and lots of candy. I kept throwing the wrappers away after every bite so I couldn't keep track of what I ate. And then I remembered that the dress I was planning to wear to a wedding this weekend barely fit me pre-pregnancy and I haven't tried it on since. What's another white chocolate covered oreo going to hurt? I'm finding the worst part of weaning to be the fact that I now have to actually exercise to burn calories. The fueling another life from your body and being able to eat whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want? Magic. Maybe there is something to extended breastfeeding after all. Or maybe I should just drag my ass back to spinning.

Why yes, I'd love another piece of cookie...


  1. Spinning Schminning! You look great and yahhhh for first steps!!!

  2. You had me laughing envisioning your "poop situation". Sorry that happened but it is soo something that would happen to me.... and probably will now that I laughed at you. ;)

  3. this post made me smile!

    sending some bloggy love from your new follower. hope you can follow me back too

  4. Four boys under five, seriously??? When? How? Who? I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award over at Come check it out!

  5. Yes, five boys under five and I only consumed half a beer! Maybe I am mom of the year after all!

    Dawn--Hah, perhaps I just need to start hiking, eh?

    Ashley--my dog is totally gonna tell your dog how to poop tootsie rolls on very steep hills!

    Carmela--welcome to the madness!