Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parenthood, like life but prettier

Do other folks watch Parenthood? It's one of my favorite hours of television these days.* I don't think I can make it through an episode without crying. And neither can my husband. While not entirely realistic (the youngest daughter, a successful lawyer, is planning to adopt the child of the pregnant coffee cart girl working in her office-what the what??), there are some moments of sincere poignancy. This week's episode featured the truest depiction of postpartum womanhood I've ever seen, complete with leaking, humongous breasts, fear of sex and emotional free falls. The show also takes place in the Bay Area so I'm hoping I can be cast as an extra one day. We did see Craig T. Nelson golfing in Kauai a few months back-maybe he can hook me up.

Of course, like most shows that I fall in love with too late, (My So Called Life, Dead Like Me, Freaks and Geeks, Party Down), it'll probably be canceled before the next season. Enjoy it while you can, people.

*Sadly, that's not saying much. I used to LOVE television. What the hell happened? We have hundreds of channels and there is often not a single thing I want to watch. I have officially turned into my mother.

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