Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween out

Next year I think we may have to go big. We live on a c-c-crazy kids block that totally jumps off the deep end for Halloween. My neighbors trick out their garage into a haunted cemetery, some folks down the block stepped it up with a smoke machine. I felt pretty lame with our sad little pumpkins signs. Despite telling myself that I wouldn't give more than one piece of candy per kid, I totally did and ran out of the good stuff around 8 pm. $85 worth of candy later. My neighbor across the street spent $150 and I tell ya, I was a little jealous that she was out there pleasing people until 9. Then again, $150?! Isn't that a little nuts?

There was one little boy dressed as a vacuum salesman, complete with fake British-accented pitch and all. The poor kid was in the middle of telling me all about his precious vacuums for sale when a huge clan of heathens swarmed my door and pushed vacuum boy out of the way. I felt so bad for him and his cute nerdy ways. He may or may not have gotten to take a whole handful of candy.

Two sisters were dressed as Harold and the purple crayon. Beyond cute. They even gave me a little hand-drawn postcard of thanks to remember them. Ridiculous, no?

Our handsome little devil had a few friends over to watch the revelry and play with Tony's tail. Halloween is always the best and worst day for Tony--why do all those kids who love to pet him have to ring the damn doorbell over and over and over again? The other baby mamas and I drank some wine and marveled at the fact that starting next year we may have to actually go out and trick or treat with the kiddos. Or maybe we can hold off until they are three? At least I got some great costume ideas last night. Thinking Max from "Where The Wild Things Are," but I've got 364 days to decide.


  1. lol, your Halloween sounds CRAZY! I actually WINCED at $84 and $150 on candy. WOW. I spent about $12 and we still had some leftover. Your neighborhood must go NUTS! I bet the kids LOVE it. :)

    So did those kids have a nifty remember-me-card for everyone? If so, that's quite impressive.

    P.S. Your handsome devil is just that: Handsome! He is seriously adorable.

  2. Yep, three it is. My three year old went out last night, and could have died happy. The hardest part was explaining we have to wait another 364 days, that convo ended in tears.

  3. Stephanie-It was kinda nuts! I have to admit, being a part of the frenzy takes the pain away from not going out to Halloween parties anymore.

    I'm not sure how many cards those two little sisters made. Mine may have been one of the first houses they hit. I definitely was impressed!

    Hope you guys had fun in your beautiful new pad!

    NWMOTY-Yay, we have two more years! Woohoo. At least at 3 you still get to eat most of the candy, right?

  4. I'm jealous you had lots of trick or treaters. I had about ten. :( I'm a new follower from the follow fest. Stop by my blog sometime, when you get a chance. :)