Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A taste of the madness

They were already there, promise.

David Bowie?

  • Strangers should compliment each other more. A woman in a restaurant yesterday told me she loved my coat, remarking that I "looked great in red." Made my morning.
  • Peter Dinklage is rad.
  • Today I overheard three men in their twenties (total Mission hipsters) wax poetically about their childhood dogs for a good ten minutes, complete with reenactments and wistful looks. It might have been the cutest thing EVER. Tony is one of the best gifts we could give our family.
  • I know it makes me a total weirdo, but I really enjoy writing thank you notes. It gives me a small, perfect sense of accomplishment.
  • Yesterday afternoon I let people in front of me while driving every time I had the chance. Feels pretty good not to always be rushing. One guy stuck his hand out his window and gave me a big old thumbs up. Nice.
  • To Keratin treatment or not?
  • Getting a book on a friend of a friend's recommendation and realizing that it's an erotica novel is hilarious. And yet I can't stop reading. Also, did you know that S&M is now called BDSM? An erotic and educational novel.
  • Pinterest, stop sucking up all my damn time.
  • My child has a terrifying fascination with curbs, stairs, and generally anything with a high probability of leading to pain. I'm definitely scared for his ski season to start.
  • New Girl, you are pretty funny.
  • Why does everyone complain about infancy when toddlerhood is SO. MUCH. HARDER?
  • Between the bubbles, the somersaults and the balance beam, I'm pretty sure my active, exuberant and altogether impassioned (we're working on our euphemisms here) son had the best 45 minutes of his life this morning at gym class.


  1. I was just telling my mother in law the other day how I love to compliment strangers! It makes my day to say something nice. :)
    also, don't laugh at me but I know what s&m is but not the BD part.

    1. Hah, Ashley, I had no idea either! It stands for bondage, dominance...After reading about 20 pages of the book, I looked it up on amazon to see what the hell I was reading. Sometimes I do love the privacy of the kindle.

      Let's start a mission to bring back the nice-one random compliment a day.

  2. i can't believe a friend of a friend recommend erotica! this little bit of info is by far the best thing that has happened to me today!

    1. Dude...

      I can't wait to see the art!

  3. ok I swear we are the same!! I couldn't agree more with this post!! I swear 15 mo - 3 ish is super tough and I have one of each.... and with the Keratin treatment my clients love it.. I have never had one person not like the results, your curl isn't gone just the frizz and your blowdrying time is cut in half if not done altogether!! I always try to give compliments to strangers too, it always makes me so happy when someone gives me one!! xo

    1. Lacy--two boys under 4?? You are a superhero(ine)! Seriously, how do you ever get anything done? I'm at the point where I'm starting to wonder why/how anyone has more than one kid.

      I've been considering the Keratin for a while. My friends all LOVE it and I think it would work well on my thick (wild, uncontrollable) hair. Thanks for the professional reco!