Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going viral

There is a plague upon my house. We just got through our first major illness as a family. Mr. Monk, Tony and I were all in it together. Mr. Schneed was in Vegas, partying with porn stars and craps tables. Or at a conference, whatever. The porn conference happened to be the same weekend too, how sad for him. I spent much of yesterday covered in puke, human and canine. I didn't know what mess to clean up first. I don't think the two youngins being sick at the same time was actually related, but what a fun coinkidink, eh?*

Watching my poor, defenseless and utterly confused son wretch his little guts out was painful. Multiple sheets, a stroller, about a million articles of clothing and an air purifier (oh, the irony) were caught in the virus' wake. Hooray again for not having a functioning washer/dryer. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do for him but try to keep him hydrated. Just a little tip from my sister to me to you--try freezing pedialyte in little cubes. My guy was much more willing to take a mini pedialyte pop than drink it straight up. He hung on to my neck with his little monkey arms and didn't want to be put down for hours on end. Is it awful to say that I kind of enjoyed the snuggle time? My child is usually running in 30 different directions and can't be bothered to stop for a cuddle with his baking vessel. It was sort of lovely to lie on the couch with him in dead silence as he looked at me, looked at the dog, moaned. End scene.

Thankfully, the sickness for both pup and lasted far less than the doctor's predicted 3-4 days (wtf? I would have lost my mind). By yesterday evening he seemed mostly fine and this morning he is back to his full throttle self. Watch out, world.

Unfortunately, I am now puking my own big girl guts out just in time for the Mister's arrival. Welcome back!

*Given that I've just joined in on the hijinks hours after I first wrote the post, I'm starting to rethink this...


  1. My comment disappeared...weird! Anyhow, I am sorry. We just went through the same thing. Both kids, hubby and I were all sick. Luckily, not all at the same time! I am glad he is doing better and I hope you manage to stay healthy.

  2. Oh my god that sounds awful. I'm so sorry and hope you feel better but your line about it being kinda nice to snuggle him as he "looked at me, looked at the dog, moaned" made me laugh.

  3. Hi ladies, thanks for the support! The vomitorium is officially closed. Hooray. That was miserable. Now if only we can find a way for my husband to avoid catching it.