Thursday, September 8, 2011

On my mind

Calling a little boy a girl not once but three times within the span of one music class is rather embarrassing. But, he was really pretty!

It only takes an otolaryngologist about ten seconds to remove a piece of ear wax that was sitting on my eardrum and drove me crazy for hours. When I turned to check it out, the doctor said that she "thinks it just fell on the floor." Hah! Related: an ENT is also called an otolaryngologist.

What does it mean for our future that Mr. Monk only says "muh-muh-muhmuh" in a sad, pleading voice and only says "dada dada" in a singsong, hap hap happy voice? I'm sensing a "Mean Mommy" label coming.

Farro, where have you been all my life? Loving the chewy texture in my salads. I'm big on the surprise change in texture--anyone for a boba drink?

My hair is revolting (both for me and against me). It's almost time to stage an intervention.

Being a juicehead is:
a) invigorating
b) expensive
c) labor intensive
d) all of the above

Two indecisive people involved in a redecorating project is an utterly absurd prospect. Maybe we should just have Mr. Monk point to what he likes.

If I miss my baby while he's sleeping overnight, how am I going to go on a foreign vacay (albeit a short one) without him?


  1. Love boba. Do you remember Orbitz drinks?

    I think I was only one of two people who loved those.

  2. Hmm, must have missed that window. Thanks for not being horrified by my TMI moment.

  3. Love the randomness. I like reading random thoughts from a blogger. People used to think my son was girl when he was a baby, even dressed in all blue, they would ask "how old is your daughter?'. Whatever happened to boba drinks?

  4. Mary, there are loads of places here in SF to get boba drinks. You just have to know where to look :-) I haven't been asked about my "little girl" in a while. Guess he's getting more manly.

  5. I always miss my little girl when she's overnight somewhere. :( I usually look forward to it, and then once she's gone I want her back! haha

  6. Your blog is so cute, by the way!!