Friday, September 23, 2011

Sliding doors

I am leading a double life. These past few days in London I have been mostly on my own as my husband attends a business conference. Wandering around neighborhoods, popping into shops, ordering meals for one and generally doing whatever I want, whenever I want has been marvelous (or marvy as they'd say here). I feel strangely like myself again. My old self. The pre moving to San Francisco, pre marriage, pre baby, pre me now self. And, I like it.

Without your baby around, you don't always have to talk about your baby. While the hub and I have the "I wonder what Mr Monk is doing right now" conversations about 30 times per day, no one else here cares. Which is just fine by me. As much as I enjoy being the source of nourishment, entertainment and overall contentment for my wee one, I am appreciating the reminder that I have other interests. Such interests mostly involve shopping and gawking at the pretty, pricey pieces. But, I did manage to check out the Tate Modern today. London is undergoing a face lift in preparation for its coming out party at the Summer 2012 Olympics. It seems the entire city is under constant construction and improvement. A little nip here, a little tuck there. The Tate, already a glorious museum, is in the midst of a major transformation and even has its own cool cranes.

These few days are a lovely little respite from mommyworld. I'm sure come Saturday I'll be pushing people out of my way to jump off the plane and grab my bebe, but until then I'm going to enjoy being just me. The me who has to force herself not to buy her son the most adorably British outfits because no.


  1. Happy weekend to you Elana. How will you be celebrating? Saw you GFC reached 100 members :) Congratulations!

  2. It sounds like you're having a great time! :) Good for you to getting back to who you were -- all your "pre"s! It's refreshing, I'm sure.