Thursday, March 29, 2012

It happened. We lived.

So, the kid fell down the stairs last night. Two days before the gate is going to be put back! He's nothing if not timely. I believe he inherited that quality from his dad who often says the most inappropriate thing about three seconds before he realizes he's talking aloud. I've been worrying that he's going to fall down the stairs for the past two months that the gate's been gone for the construction. Yet again, I am so very glad that my mom can't remember the name of my blog.

It all went down in total slo mo. I was standing at the top of the stairs getting ready to accompany him on his five thousandth climb of the day down the mighty flight. Is a stairmaster a good second birthday present? Nothing pleases my son more than the up/down. Just as I was about to grab his hand, he suddenly lost his balance and topped over. And over. And over. He was basically doing the most awkward cartwheels ever, heels over head. Of course, I shrieked hysterically probably scaring him far more than the fall did. Thankfully, he didn't go flying down the whole way and caught himself at the landing. He cried LOUDLY for about two minutes straight. That was an eternity while we examined him and tried to decide if we should take him to the emergency room (I will never forget Natasha Richardson for teaching us all about hematomas). He was laughing and playing with the dog food about thirty seconds later so we opted to take a wait and see approach rather than drag him through the horror of an ER visit. And so far today he seems absolutely fine, if a little overly interested in cheese.

Fall down the stairs? Check.

Lost kid + injured kid = Parent of the year over here.

Nothing a little Houston's spinach dip can't cure...


  1. They are tougher than you think. My little guy banged a nice gash into his forehead from the coffee table and I CRIED. He was laughing and dancing, and I was so sad. It's much harder on us than it is them.

    1. Yes, this little one is t-o-u-g-h. I'm pretty sure he would tumble down the stairs every day if I'd let him. Hope you're little doesn't have a scar!

  2. WOW what a story. I am happy your little guy is OK. I will never forget when my oldest (who is now 18) fell down the stairs at her father's house, I flew to his house like a mad women, when I got there all I saw was flashing lights. I had to park my car down the road and run the rest of the way to the house. He had called the ambulance. Long story short, she was just fine. A tumble here, a tumble there, they all make it through.. that is what being kids are all about. (LOL)

    It's a pleasure reading your blog. I had been out of commission for some time now from my blog but am now back again and trying to get back out there. I started by going back and visiting my old friends :)

    Hope all is well.. if you get the chance I would love it if you can stop by my blog and say HI!

    Have a wonderful evening :)

    1. Oh no! That sounds like a nightmare. I'm sure the ambulance scared you so much more than the fall would have. Yikes.

      Welcome back to the blogging world! I take lots of breaks every now and again-always fun to catch up. I'll definitely check out your happenings.

      Enjoy the week!

  3. He doesn't look any worse for the wear...or however that saying goes. He's really getting big!

    P.S. Any tips on how to get my Mom to forget the name of my blog?

    1. I know, huge, right?! It's crazy. I hope all's well in your world. Any new developments in the crazy gym owner saga? I loved that tale.

      Perhaps you could tell your mom you switched to wordpress.