Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just wondering...

Why is it that when I blow dry my hair it looks nothing like when the professionals do it? Does it really require a special degree? I even shelled out a bunch o money for a good hairdryer and yet it's still big on the sides and erratically wavy in the back. Whatever happened to my hair getting thinner post-baby? I'm pretty sure I'm part lion these days.

When does teething end? We had a three day break in between teething episodes. It was glorious-the child was happy, sweet, cuddly and (relatively) calm. And now we're back to this year's regularly-scheduled programming. How many teeth does one kid need? They are just going to fall out anyway. Can't we just stick with 8?

How did I not think through the fact that taking my son to a swim class meant that I had to be in a bathing suit too? Maybe I need to take my own lesson on getting my sexy back. And, note to self, bathing suits that fit last summer when I was still nursing are a tad stretched out and loose in one particular area. Definitely not my best look.

Who is this woman going out three nights in a row without her husband or her son? Party time! Granted, going "out" in my world means staying out past 9 pm, but still...I feel like a girl of 32 again.

Where can I buy baby patches for my Mr. Monk's pants? He's still not hip to the whole bipedal thing we humans do and his extreme crawling is wearing holes in the knees of all his bottoms. On the plus side, we're thinking of entering him in some crawling races, as his technique and speed are quite impressive.


  1. Ha Ha because I am a hairstylist I have to help you out with this one. We do hair all day everyday, lots of practice... Plus if you could take your head off and sit it on a counter so you could get to every angle it would be easier.. ;) and for the hair not falling out after baby thing.. I am super JEAL because my entire sides fell out with both my kiddos... I just bought some denim patches at Wal Mart a few weeks ago... :)

  2. You have no idea how many times a day I wish I could take my head off and sit it on a counter (or in a closet). Whenever I get it done at the salon, the stylist is always amazed (and probably horrified) by the number of hairs on my head. I'll transfer some to you if you want.

    Thanks for the tip about the patches! All of the sudden he's staining, ripping and generally ruining his clothes. Definitely his father's son :-)

  3. I also find that you need a good metal round brush and some decent leave-in conditioner (or the like) products to make your self-blow-out look at all like at the salon.