Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mahalo Mr. Schneed

I took my own advice and went to accomplish all manner of lady grooming today. Of course, the babysitter didn't show up this afternoon so that put a slight damper on my pre-vacation relaxation status. Thankfully, my husband came through for me and realized the desperation of the situation. You know you're tired when you almost fall asleep while lying half-naked on a waxing table. I do love me some nail salon action. Those ladies always tell me that I look great and ask after the baby. Now, I know the nail salon isn't exactly a bastion of female empowerment, but it is nice that they try to make you feel good. Combine this with my overtipping and you have a real chicken vs. egg conundrum.

While I was reading about Maria Shriver's betrayed heart in People magazine (reading gossip mags is clearly my favorite part of getting my nails done), I started to feel such an overwhelming sense of love and loyalty toward my husband (and an immediate hatred of all things Arnold, even "Twins"). Nothing like learning about someone having a secret child with the housekeeper to make you realize how good you have it. Today is our second wedding anniversary. I keep saying that it feels like so much longer than that, but in a GOOD way. We've been together almost five years now, which also doesn't seem like that long. He's so integral and necessary to my world that I can't imagine life was any good without him. It certainly wasn't anywhere near as fun. Or as filled with a seemingly infinite number of televised sporting events.

We're getting ready to get lei'd tomorrow. Naturally, Mr. Monk woke up with a terrible cold today. I fear that boy has inherited his father's impeccable timing. If this is anything like the other colds he's had, he'll be better by tomorrow afternoon and his father and I will be sick for the next week. Maybe we should boost our immune systems with breast milk too. Better yet, we'll just soak up some extra vitamin D in Hawaii this week. Aloha.

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