Saturday, February 11, 2012

I believe the children are our future

Poor Whitney. What a tragedy to die at 48 at the hands of her own addictions. Her music changed my childhood. My sister and I used to have Whitney Houston dance parties. The cassettes would be blasting through my pink boom box. I can almost smell the crimped hair now. After I heard the news, I (horribly) serenaded my husband with a few of my Whitney faves. There are so many to choose from, but the greatest for me will always be "The Greatest Love of All."

We're still pretty much under germ house arrest over here so we stayed in and rented "Beginners." It was, quite possibly, the perfect film for me tonight. Equal parts funny, touching and sad-my personal favorite recipe. So much of the movie seemed grounded in reality, so it wasn't surprising to learn that it's based on the screenwriter/director's own experience with his father coming out of the closet in his 70's, shortly after his mother's death. Seeing his father begin to embrace his life for the first time, just as he's nearing the end of it, has a contagious effect on the protagonist. Much of the action, or lack thereof, is revealed in flashbacks. The dialogue and incredible cinematography primarily reveals the charms and flaws of the main characters and draws you into their world. Each was a beginner in his/her own way and trying to make sense of life's great complexities, those that we can control and those we cannot. If you're into character studies and solemn yet winsome tales, check it out.

Feeling very bittersweet as I sip my tea and nibble my dark chocolate (with almonds and sea salt, thank you very much).


  1. Was camping over the weekend so didn't hear about her death until we got back into town. Really pointlessly tragic.

    Never heard of the Beginners. I'll have to check it out.

    1. You are a camping fanatic! Very impressive. I think we have a tent somewhere? Maybe this summer we'll dig it out. Your pics are inspiring.

      Hope you enjoy the movie! It's definitely dark but sweet.