Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of Doing Nothing (And Everything)

Another day, another ridiculous Whole Foods experience. This one involved lentil soup and, once again, my poor driving skills. I was wheeling my giant stroller and didn’t see the flaw in using the side cupholder for my soup until I leaned in to get a closer look at the organic bananas (sidenote: why are they always bright green?). There went the spinach lentil all over the bananas. Pretty soon I’m going to see my picture up in the window with a big warning: DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN INTO THE STORE.

WF inanities aside, I’m beginning to feel settled in my stay-at-home-mommying. We’ve got playgroup, music class, gym dates and lunches set up throughout the week. I could have plans multiple times per day if I wanted. Yet I am still bored. I’m not sure what it is I am looking for, as I have recently realized that going back to work wouldn’t be nearly as romantic as I imagine it to be. A quick visit to my office and a scan of nanny/daycare costs confirmed that. So, if I don’t go back to work right now, what else is there? After college, law school and seven years working as an attorney, it’s bizarre to imagine that I am no longer part of the workforce. Am I still an attorney if I don’t practice? Who am I if I don’t have that work self to turn on and off? As much as I love my baby and watching him grow, I know that I can’t spend every minute with him. It will be best for both of us if I have some hobbies, tasks, chores to occupy my mind. Trying to find that balance begins in earnest now.

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